About US

Our team comes from and is currently working in Europe, North America and Asia.

Our name is Derjunstar , we are a group of young designers and material specialists, we love different materials and their special characteristics, our passion to share this love to the world has started since 2015, at that time users of our products were mainly our old school friends, colleagues, neighbors and even our landlord, 2 years later, because of these initial success in our own city, we have decided to establish this brand officially and bring it online so people from other places can also see and have the chance to buy and use our products.


Since the very beginning, Functionality, Material, Affordability are the core of our products, in product design, material selection, production quality, we have implied the highest standard possible in the industry, that’s why our products always have higher functionalities and they are very durable. And as we said, we began from selling our products in our own community, so Affordability is another important element that we have carried on from the beginning and into the brand later.